Dublin City Private Walking Tour

This tour is designed to teach you the essentials of this great Irish city leaving you ready for a fantastic stay. We will take you thru the world class food and drink spots. You will visit the wonderful historical sites and hear stories of Dublin’s history that makes it famous. Along the way we will determine what you like and tailor the route and narrative to suit you and your group. This is the difficult part.

We have learned how to discern individual tastes quickly. This is what makes us unique. Our tours are private and focused; this allow us to avoid the repetitive and keep it fresh and real. If an unexpected request comes, we can react from a place of experience and knowing.

To do this we work, staying on top of local trends, openings, events and happenings. We deliver you the best. Ancient or modern, traditional or contemporary it is all part of the one city we love to show. Let us talk you for a walk?

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Your safety and well-being are his first priority. He is one of a very small and elite cohort of professional guides with his level of training. Jim is a qualified guide, holding BOTH the Dublin City and Environs and National Badges and registered with Fáilte Ireland’s (The State Tourism Development Board). He has passed and it certified with Fáilte Ireland’s current Covid-19 Health and Safety Charter. He is a licenced SPSV (Limousine) driver with appropriate insurance and vehicle licencing. Finally, he is a well known and active member of the Approved Tourist Guides of Ireland, the trade body for tourist guides in Ireland.

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