The Fight for Freedom and Birth of a Nation Private Tour

The modern Irish national was born out of the actions of radicals, activists and militants. 100 years later ‘Brand Ireland’ is one of the most successful in the world. How did the dreams of these revolutionaries work out?

In 1800 Dublin was the jewel in the crown of the British Empire only to become the biggest slum in Europe by 1910; today it is wealthy, globalised and progressive multi-cultural city. The journey has had many twists and turn and is a continuing story.

On this tour you will hear the dramatic tales of rebellion and the fight for independence as you stroll thru the broad Georgian streets. You will hear of the challenges of the Irish people in the early years and the sacrifices made to create one of the 21st centuries most successful small nations.

You finish with an intimate feel for this beautiful country and its warm and friendly people.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Your safety and well-being are his first priority. He is one of a very small and elite cohort of professional guides with his level of training. Jim is a qualified guide, holding BOTH the Dublin City and Environs and National Badges and registered with Fáilte Ireland’s (The State Tourism Development Board). He has passed and it certified with Fáilte Ireland’s current Covid-19 Health and Safety Charter. He is a licenced SPSV (Limousine) driver with appropriate insurance and vehicle licencing. Finally, he is a well known and active member of the Approved Tourist Guides of Ireland, the trade body for tourist guides in Ireland.

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