Trinity College Dublin and National Museum Private Tour

Imagine seeing an ancient religious manuscript illuminated in the most fantastic artistry and colour. What if it could talk, a visual language? What would you see?

You will walk thru the cobbled squares of this college campus and visit the majestic Trinity Library to see The Book of Kells followed by the spectacular Long Room library with its 200,000 books evoking the spirit of Harry Potter and pure magic. How do you follow that?

The National Museum treasures await after a quick refreshment break and you will delve into the treasures of the monasteries and old Celtic Ireland. This is truly stunning.

There is a lot to take in here but with a skilful expert tour guide moving along the narrative it will pass by effortlessly. Ireland’s past abundance matches its present riches. This is a deep storytelling dive into the past, present and future.

All our guides are qualified and badged by Fáilte Ireland – the National Tourism Development Agency. They are also trained in Fáilte Ireland’s current Covid-19 Safety Charter. 

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