Listen Deeply : Create Stories

We are innovators.  We take the simple, a day trip, and make it special.  We ask, and we listen, deeply.   We know our ground, Ireland, and we present it to you.  It is not casual, it is curated.  As travelogue once wrote, “if you don’t believe in magic take a road trip in Ireland!”  We believe in magic, we create magic.  Magic takes time, energy and form; we work at this every day, all day, for a lifetime.

In Ireland, the telling is different.  You do not “go out into nature”, you are nature!  The is no line separation.  Environmental awareness is not something we have learnt, it is something we have always carried.  It is in us and it is in you, and this is where we begin, in you.  We bring Ireland to you and yours.  The legends are awakened, they are embedded in us all.  This is our Ireland, your Ireland soon.

You?  You are intrigued deep down inside.  A trip to Ireland is like no other.  According to Fáilté Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority, the number one reason people come to Ireland is to meet the people.  Yep, you heard it, to meet us, Irish people!  We, the people, are the country’s biggest attraction!

Here comes a “yellow brick road”; it will to lead you down into the land of Saints and Scholars.  It will intrigue you, challenge you, make you laugh and smile.  It will inform you and learn from you at the same time.  It will listen and respond.  This is Irish hospitality; you do not understand this place, you simply feel it.  We care about how you feel, just as much as, even more than, what you think.

The thread linking your days creates a story, it is the story you take home and retell.  You become a storyteller because stories are the only way to share your Irish holiday experience.  This is what we know and what we do.  Are you in?