Private Extended Tours of Ireland

I host a limited number of private extended tours of Ireland every year. These are custom made journeys throughout Ireland. Clients who choose these tours are usually very independent travellers looking for a high degree of customisation.

They will book their own accommodation and restaurants but often in consultation with me. As I travel Irelend I research constantly throughout the year.  This is a key element to my service. I ain to work directly with my own clients. These are word of mouth recommendations, the very best kind.

By working with me, clients can be assured of the most contemporary experience of Ireland with the zeitgeist of Irish culture at their fingertips. The secret nooks and crannies, the off the beaten track places nobody else want to bring you too is where we start!

For a truly outstanding private tour of Ireland contact us now and we can explore the possibilities for a unique custom tour of the Emerald Isle. We recommend at least three, but really six months lead time for booking; even longer is also an even better idea.