Private Dublin Premium Whiskey Tasting Tour

Whiskey was synonymous with Ireland once upon a time and then thru political and economic circumstances Scotch whisky took over. Ireland’s whiskey industry nearly died out. It is now staged a remarkable revival and is the fastest growing premium spirit in the world.

This tour takes you beyond Jameson and into the new world of craft Irish whiskey. You will here the stories of the birth, near death and now the rebirth of a nations national drink. It goes hand in glove with contemporary Irish history.

You will walk the streets and pass the pubs that make Dublin famous. You will enter the doors of some of Dublin’s most famous pubs and new up and coming bars. The new brands and the old favourites are tasted side by side for comparison and you will leave with a deep appreciation of Irish whiskey.

All our guides are qualified and badged by Fáilte Ireland – the National Tourism Development Agency. They are also trained in Fáilte Ireland’s current Covid-19 Safety Charter. 

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