Private Dublin Literary Walking Tour

Dublin is a literary city; no other city is host to such a rich talent of writers with global acclaim. This tour is a lazy light literary peregrination thru the cobbled streets of Dublin. You will listen to the words of Yeats, Shaw, Joyce and Behan describe this city in vivid detail. Their words will come alive as their stories are told. Dublin will reveal itself in unimaginable ways. This tour is a lazy light literary peregrination

James Joyce’s book Ulysses is considered the best book ever written in the English language. You will brush across the surface only in this tour, but it will give you a rich taste of Dublin. Other great Dublin authors W.B. Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett will all make guest appearances.

There will be stops at relevant cafes, pubs and stores. A stop in for lunch or other libation can be easily added.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Your safety and well-being are his first priority. He is one of a very small and elite cohort of professional guides with his level of training. Jim is a qualified guide, holding BOTH the Dublin City and Environs and National Badges and registered with Fáilte Ireland’s (The State Tourism Development Board). He has passed and it certified with Fáilte Ireland’s current Covid-19 Health and Safety Charter. He is a licenced SPSV (Limousine) driver with appropriate insurance and vehicle licencing. Finally, he is a well known and active member of the Approved Tourist Guides of Ireland, the trade body for tourist guides in Ireland.

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